Ionic Day was established in 2018 in Florida and has had many unique firsts! From Kitten Yoga, to Paint & Chair Yoga, to Halotherapy. Specializing in relaxation, their main services include Halotherapy and Restorative Yoga. The Halotherapy is mobile, and will travel to your home or workplace in Huntsville, AL and surrounding Madison county areas!


VIRTUAL yoga classes are still available.

Halotherapy (Dry Salt Therapy) relieves allergies, asthma, eczema, stress, anxiety, and fatigue. It also enhances immunity, and athletic endurance. During a 20 minute session, sodium-chloride is ground into micro-particles and inhaled.  It takes place in a booth rather than a Salt Cave or Salt Room.  Session times are shorter, private, and the salt in the air is more concentrated. This treatment is very soothing, natural, and safe.

Customers can include a private Restorative Yoga class after a Halotherapy session in their home. This creates a more relaxing, and stress relieving visit. This combination of therapy is recommended at night to promote a more restful sleep. Restorative yoga helps align the body and mind with gentle movements and holding positions. It opens the body through passive stretching using props, and calms the mind. It is great for beginners, seniors, and busy moms.